Someone Bought the Skinny House for Over Asking Price

Boston's famous spite house sold for $900,000.

For those of us who’ve been dreaming of living in Boston’s Skinny House, it’s now even further out of reach. The slender green house in the North End, which hit the market in March, has officially sold. It was bought for $900,000 in mid-May.

The buyer paid $5,000 over the asking price of $895,000 for the pint-sized abode. Cabot & Company, which listed the home, called the purchase a “great price for a slice of history!” in a blog post.

The 1,166-square-foot house at 44 Hull Street is about 10 feet wide by 30 feet long. Its slim appearance can be chalked up to a familial dispute—the place was built in 1884 out of spite. According to legend, two brothers inherited a plot of land in the North End from their father. After serving in the Civil War, one brother came home to find that his brother had built a large house on their shared land. Miffed, he built the Skinny House, blocking sunlight and his brother’s views of the harbor.

Today, the house still boasts excellent harbor views. It’s been updated a bit since the 1880s, and now is equipped with a Nest thermostat, a dishwasher, and built-in bunk beds. It has some ingenious storage solutions, too, like a tiny coat closet tucked into a nook by the front door.

“It’s tight quarters,” said listing agent Eric Shabshelowitz when the Skinny House hit the market. “You find a way to make everything fit.”

We hope the home’s new owners are skilled in the art of downsizing.

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