The Coast Is Clear on This Stunning Pool Deck

Zen Associates turns an outdated pool deck into a stunning space for swimming and entertaining.

zen associates pool deck

Photograph courtesy of Zen Associates, Design/Contracting by Zen Associates

The Problem

Dominated by an in-ground pool left over from the 1960s, this Rockport terrace demanded a space as dynamic as the tides lapping the shores below it.

The Solution

Rather than crowd the patio with a large pool, the Zen Associates team designed a multifunctional retreat to act as an extension of the rugged coastline. First, they replaced the failing in-ground system with a smaller lap pool that maximized the views. Then the terrace was divided into rooms: a hot tub for the “spa,” a daytime lounging spot, and a nighttime dining area. The client’s nickname for the space? “On the Rocks.” “It’s almost required to bring a blender,” Peter White, a principal at the design firm, says with a laugh.