These Are the Smallest Condos for Sale in Boston Right Now

The teeniest of all is tucked away in Beacon Hill.

46 Lewis Street #10 / Photo courtesy of CL Waterfront Properties

The smallest home for sale in Boston right now measures up to just 325 square feet.

The teeny Beacon Hill condo is across the street from the Boston Athenaeum. While puny, it happens to be a smidgen larger than this red caboose for sale in New Hampshire. In fact, there are nine other tiny homes for sale right now comparable to that train car. A new report from real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX has identified the 10 smallest condos for sale in Boston, and they’re all less than 500 square feet.

While living small may be a relatively new trend, these 10 homes are clustered in some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, including Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the North End. This condo at 46 Lewis Street in the North End, for example, is inside a building constructed in 1895.

The cheapest condo of all is a 420-square-foot garden-level studio in West Roxbury for $169,000, while the most expensive is a 482-square-foot micro unit in the West End. It’s tagged at $597,500.

If that shocks you, then look away from the prices per square foot. “Small apartments almost always sell for more per square foot than do larger ones in the same building or neighborhood,” explains Constantine Valhouli, director of research for NeighborhoodX.

So while saving space is trendy, it’s not exactly cheap. In terms of square feet, the asking prices range from $402 to $1,384 per square foot.

Considering downsizing? Check out the tiniest condos for sale in Boston below.