Covet: Park It

High-octane barstools from the design studio behind the Ferrari.

divine design center bar stools

Photograph by Toan Trinh, Shot on location at the forthcoming Pierce Boston

You may have traded your fast car for a more-practical SUV, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little high-octane style into your life. Just slide onto one of these handsome barstools, a collaboration between Reflex Angelo and Pininfarina, the Italian design studio behind the iconic Ferrari and other luxury rides. Decked out in handsome walnut, sumptuous leather, and high-gloss black nickel, the stools are now available at the Divine Design Center’s newest outpost at Battery Wharf. “For people who love cars, of course they know the name of the designer,” says Divine Design co-owner Mariette Barsoum. “The stool’s design mimics the curvy, aerodynamic lines of Ferrari.” You won’t feel the wind in your hair, but you’ll still be in the hot seat.

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