House Tour: An Airy Cottage in Worcester

Crompton Collective owner Amy Chase draws design inspiration from antiques.

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The Snapshot
Name: Amy Chase
City: Worcester
Type of home: Single-family house
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Size: 860 square feet

• • •

Amy Chase spends her days surrounded by one-of-a-kind objects. As the owner of Crompton Collective, an antiques marketplace in Worcester, she sees an unending stream of vintage baubles and handmade gifts come in and out the door.

Her store, which is carved out of a historical mill building in the city’s Canal District, exhibits a range of retro finds, handcrafted furniture, accessories, and more. So when she comes home, she’s looking to unwind in a comfy, neutral environment.

Of course, with a huge selection of time-honored and handcrafted goods and decor at her fingertips, it’s hard not to bring new pieces home every week. To keep things manageable, Chase draws inspiration from specific antiques, using individual objects to design rooms around. The result is a relaxing retreat that revels in simplicity.

Ahead, hear from Chase about her Worcester cottage.

Describe your style in three words.

Vintage, neutral, bohemian.

What’s your favorite part of your home?

My favorite part of my home is my living room. I’ve covered my couch in cozy blankets and pillows, which are always covered with my dogs—they love to snuggle up under the covers.

Least favorite?

My kitchen. I love the layout but have been wanting to upgrade it for a while.

Photo courtesy of Amy Chase

Where do you find your design inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from antique items. I fall in love with one piece and tend to decorate a room around that.

Name your top three favorite places to shop.

I’m pretty spoiled with owning Crompton Collective. We have a lot of talented antique dealers and furniture refinishers, so I do not often have to shop anywhere else. But for home accessories, I love Seed to Stem. My house is filled with plants from their store and they teach me how to care for them, because unfortunately I was not blessed with my grandmother’s green thumb.

I also love Counting Sheep Antiques in Berlin, Mass. I always find great things there and any excuse to drive down a country road is good with me!

A sentence of advice, please.

To me, home should be a cozy retreat. Owning a small business is sometimes stressful and very time consuming, and my home is a place I want to relax and unwind. So I fill my home with nice things, but not so nice that I will be afraid to damage them. Yes, my couch is white, but my dogs are always on it and I’m often eating pizza and watching Gilmore Girls on it.