Covet: On the Tiles with Boston-Based Design Company Artaic

Turn your home into a museum with a custom mosaic from Artaic.

Photograph by Eric Roth

Sure, you could travel to far-flung Greece to see a stunning mosaic—or you could simply head into your kitchen. Since 2007, Boston-based Artaic has been bringing the beauty of the ancient medium into homes using exclusive design software and robots that founder Ted Acworth created and built. “This 3,000-year-old art form is largely seen as too expensive and difficult,” Acworth says. “I thought using my background in robotics and optics software, I could make it more accessible and affordable.” Choose from Artaic’s extensive catalog or work with a designer to create a custom piece, such as this wall inspired by a family photograph. And then you might want to consider charging houseguests admission.

Mosaic made from 3/8-inch Italian vitreous glass, starting at $37 per square foot.