Harvard’s Free Architecture Course Is Back This Year

It's available until May 30th.

Photo by Greg DuBois

Remember last year when the Harvard Graduate School of Design debuted a free online architecture course for anyone to take? It’s being offered again this year—which is great news for those of us who never got around to signing up in 2017.

The 10-week class, called “The Architectural Imagination,” is available now. It’s described as an online introduction to the history and theory of architecture, and will cover “the fundamental principles of architecture—as an academic subject or a professional career—from a study of history’s important buildings.”

According to its description, the course will teach how to interpret architecture as cultural expression as well as technical achievement. Students can expect to analyze, draw, model, and study historical buildings at their own speed, as the class is self-paced.

It will again be taught by K. Michael Hays, a professor of architectural theory, as well as Erika Naginski, a professor of architectural history, Antoine Picon, a professor of the history of architecture and technology, and Lisa Haber-Thomson, an instructor in architecture.

If you’re itching to have a better understanding of the built environment, you can sign up for the course at edX.org. The course will be available through May 30th.

An earlier version of this post stated the course was slated to start on February 28, 2018. That was incorrect. The course has been available since 2017, and will conclude on May 30th.