Covet: Out of Office

L.L. Bean and Thos. Moser team up on a desk that combines function and craft.

Courtesy photo; iStock (background)

What do you get when you marry two iconic Maine companies—one a high-end furniture maker and the other a beloved outdoor-gear retailer? This handcrafted fly-tying desk, the brainchild of Thos. Moser and L.L. Bean. “It was a true collaboration between the expert fly-fishermen at L.L. Bean and the engineers at Thos. Moser,” says CEO Aaron Moser, whose friendship with L.L. Bean honcho Stephen Smith was born from a shared interest in nature and craftsmanship. “We tried to make it as cross-functional as possible.” Featuring more than 20 dovetailed drawers, the limited-edition showpiece can be used to stash handtied flies and mementos from past fishing trips, or simply as a handsome spot to dream up your next adventure.

Cherrywood desk, $12,500,