Covet: Silver Lining

Stock your pantry shelves with Duparquet’s brand-new line of solid-silver sauté and fry pans.

Photo by Nick Ferrari

It’s not often a new career path is handed to you on a silver platter. But such was the case for Jim Hamann, whose holiday in France inadvertently inspired his own handcrafted cookware line. After discovering a copper stock pot in desperate need of repair at a Burgundy antiques shop, the former engineer flew the piece home to Providence, Rhode Island, with the goal of learning how to reline it. This led to a business relining beloved family heirlooms for clients nationwide, which led to Hamann creating his very own cookware under the name Duparquet—including this covetable new line of solid silver sauté and fry pans. Not just for show, the metal happens to be an ideal heat conductor, so your glazed carrots and turkey gravy are all but guaranteed to come out perfect every time.