Seven Local Interior Designers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

If these ideas are any indication, 2019 is set to be a year full of inspiration.

It’s just about time to say out with the old and in with the new. Forget vowing to go to the gym or eating healthy, though—we’re ready for some design goals here. As you ready to reset your space for the new year, we’ve asked some of the local designers behind projects featured in Boston Home in 2018 to share their resolutions for the year ahead. If these ideas are any indication, 2019 is set to bring a fresh outlook and plenty of inspiring discoveries.

designers resolutions

A Marlborough Street master bedroom designed by Elms Interior Design. / Photo by Michael J Lee Photography

Find a Muse

“My goal is to discover new sources of inspiration. Be it in Boston or Paris or wherever 2019 may take me, I’m keeping my eyes and mind wide open, hopeful to see the beauty in the simplest of things. I’m always on the lookout for scenes and experiences that catch my eye and fill my heart, whether that’s in the drawings my children create or the great works hanging in the Gardner, cheering marathon crowds or strolling SoWa shoppers, the changing flowers of the Public Garden or the ocean reflecting off shining new Seaport towers.”

-Dee Elms, Founder and Principal of Elms Interior Design

Be a Cool Customer

“I resolve to maintain my sanity (and a happy relationship) while I embark on my own long-planned, much anticipated renovation this winter.  I’ll keep my eye on the result, rather than the pain of the process.  We see a lot of pressure on couples and families while they go through a renovation. I always try to guide my clients through it with humor and planning.  Let’s see how I do with myself as client!”

-Kristine Irving, Creative Director and Founder of Koo De Kir

Get Creative

“When I was in high school a friend would always sing ‘She’s Crafty’ by the Beastie Boys to me, and for 2019, my resolution is to reconnect with my crafty side. As both an artist and a business-owner, sometimes the latter identity can overtake the former, and it’s easy lose sight of what talents got you here in the first place. I plan on having more ‘craft nights’ with my staff so we can enjoy each other’s company, connect on a more personal level and make something to brag about to our friends!”

-Stephanie Rossi, Founder and Principal Designer of Spazio Rosso

design resolutions

An entryway designed by Sarah Scales Design Studio with custom millwork made in New Hampshire. / Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography

 Support Local Craftspeople

“From custom cabinetry to artisan area rugs to one-off furnishings, in 2019, I plan to source more from local craftspeople.  It’s inspiring to meet and collaborate with like-minded creatives and support the region’s economy, while also having a lighter green footprint. A win-win for everyone!”

-Sarah Scales, Head Designer and Principal of Sarah Scales Design Studio

“One of my first jobs out of design school was with local furniture maker Half Crown Design, and it was there that I became very close to the process of creating beautiful and functional pieces. We’ve kept working with this shop to develop our own designs, and we want to continue to cultivate valuable relationships with local makers and artists in 2019. By collaborating with these ‘makers,’ you can create well-curated, personalized spaces that are full of heirlooms, not just pieces of furniture.”

-Mary Flo Ouellette, Interior Designer and co-owner of Squarehouse Studios

Take Chances

“My resolution is to embrace risk by using more bright colors like yellow and teal, incorporating vintage patterns, and introducing unexpected architectural details that I recently discovered while in Europe and Japan.”

-Atsu Gunther, Owner of Atsu Gunther Design

Slow It Down

“I plan to spend more time connecting with my family, and really make that time engaging. I’d also like to take a jaunt in the woods every morning before work with my dog, enjoying fresh air, coffee, a clear brain, and no cell phone. And to say no more often.”

-Kristina Crestin, Owner of Kristina Crestin Design