Five Art and Design Books to Add to Your Spring Reading List

Avant-garde paintings, lush greenhouses, and stunning spaces by a Pritzker Prize-winning architect.

Photo by Toan Trinh

1. Interiors: Inside the American Home, introduction by Marc Kristal
A house is not a home without handcrafted furniture, custom finishes, and perhaps a few collector’s items to tie it all together. See how American designers utilize these details in Interiors: From a Back Bay townhouse outfitted with floor-to-ceiling Moroccan tiles to a modern L.A. loft, the hardcover showcases 40 diverse abodes across the country.

Out 10/31/18, $40, Images Publishing.

2. Glasshouse Greenhouse, by India Hobson and Magnus Edmondson
The duo known as Haarkon scoured the globe for the most enchanting greenhouses, planting themselves in futuristic biomes lined with suspended rope bridges and cottage-like spaces overflowing with succulents. You can almost feel the humidity of those tropical climes while flipping through Glasshouse Greenhouse, which documents their epic journey.

Out 10/4/18, £22, Pavilion Books.

3. Ando. Complete Works 1975–Today, by Philip Jodidio
The genius behind the sprawling concrete-and-glass Clark Center in Williamstown, boxer turned designer Tadao Ando reigns as one of the world’s best architects (and winner of the ultra-prestigious Pritzker Prize). Explore more than 100 of the designer’s other projects, including Japan’s minimalist Church of the Light, in this 740-page monograph.

Out 12/11/18, $200, Taschen.

4. Sofas: 340 Iconic Designs, by Agata Toromanoff
Need ideas for your sitting room, home theater, or library? Take a seat and peruse the innovative designs in Agata Toromanoff’s Sofas, where Italian designer Emanuele Magini’s loveseat transforms into a table and two armchairs while German firm Vertijet’s double-decker couch towers two stories high.

Out 9/25/18, $30, Thames & Hudson.

5. Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement, by Tim Barringer et al.
Featuring famous pieces such as Kate Bunce’s Melody (Musica), plus works that have never been displayed outside of the U.K., this text boasts some 300 images of oil paintings, glazed stoneware, and lavish jewelry from three generations of trailblazing Victorian artists.

Out 10/15/18, $65, Prestel.