Covet: A Spanish Marquina Marble Tub by Stone Forest

Master sculptors hand-crafted a one ton soaking tub, on display in Watertown.

Photo by Eric Swanson

How to transform a bathroom into a showroom? Furnish it with this one-of-a-kind soaking tub from the master sculptors at Stone Forest. Crafted by hand using a technique that produces an ergonomic interior and no sharp corners, the nearly 2,000-pound freestanding vessel was carved from a colossal block of ancient Spanish Marquina marble, which showcases a naturally occurring veining pattern. It was recently delivered to the Designer Bath outpost in Watertown—the only one of its kind on display in New England, and the rare masterpiece that actually improves when it meets water.

Stone Forest “Calma” marble tub, $27,500, Designer Bath.