Five Art and Design Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Family-friendly interior design, picture-perfect private islands, and gardens blossoming with native flowers.

Photo by Bruce Peterson

1. Garden Wild, by Andre Baranowski
After years spent waiting for the perfect moment to capture a sun-soaked field or a hummingbird taking flight, Andre Baranowski documents his hard-earned shots in Garden Wild. Filled with bamboo groves, orange trees, and water lilies, the book’s 12 green spaces are as enchanting as the Alice in Wonderland sculptures and the ancient Chinese dragon statues that greet their visitors.

Out 3/5/19, $45, Rizzoli.

2. Magritte: Life Line, edited by Xavier Canonne et al.
Known for his surrealist paintings and trademark bowler hat, René Magritte remained mostly out of the public eye until 1938, when he gave a lecture titled “Life Line” in Antwerp. Delving into that presentation, which exposed Magritte’s traumatic childhood and political views, the editors of this monograph provide new insight into the inspiration behind the mysterious artist’s work.

Out 3/19/19, $40, Skira.

3. Wish I Was Here, by Sebastiaan Bedaux and Bas van Oort
Dive into some 200 photographs of the most luxurious waterfront resorts and restaurants, the hottest surfing spots, and the always-stunning ocean blue in Wish I Was Here. If the underwater suites off the shores of Tanzania and the dreamy overwater bungalows in the Maldives don’t inspire your next getaway, nothing will.

Out 11/19/18, $55, Lannoo.

4. Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life, by Erin Gates
Who says a home with kiddos can’t be chic? Certainly not Erin Gates, who shares tips on how to create functional yet elegant family spaces in her latest book. In addition to showcasing examples of stain-resistant fabrics and pet-friendly rugs, the Newton-based interior designer captivates readers with personal anecdotes.

Out 4/2/19, $35, Atria Publishing Group.

5. Homes for Our Time: Contemporary Houses around the World, by Philip Jodidio
Designers typically don’t park cars in living rooms for extra seating or construct townhouses out of 20-plus shipping containers, but that’s just the type of ingenuity you’ll find in this hardcover. Homes for Our Time introduces readers to more than 60 mod houses across five continents, including a secluded escape built on 300 acres in the Berkshires.

Out 12/20/18, $70, Taschen.