Knitting Boss Christina Fagan Pardy Shares Her Favorite Things

Sh*t That I Knit founder and “chief knitting officer” Christina Fagan Pardy spins a blog into a successful business.

Photo by Cody O’Loughlin / Hair and makeup by Rachael Berkowitz/Anchor Artists

Before celebrities like Katie Couric started wearing her beanies, Christina Fagan Pardy only thought of her Boston-based knitting blog as a fun fact to share during icebreaker games. “[I’d say], ‘I’m Christina. I’m 22, and I have a knitting blog called ‘Sh*t That I Knit,’” recalls Pardy, who first got hooked on the craft at age 10. As Pardy gained a following and began selling her hats at the SoWa Winter Festival in 2014, she saw potential in her brand.

Today, Pardy runs a million-dollar knitwear company, designing colorful beanies, earrings, totes, and other accessories. She’s also changing the lives of people around the globe: Pardy contracts the knitting to more than 170 women in Peru, where she sources her wool. “[They] can knit from home and take care of their kids while bringing in an income,” she explains. Closer to home, the team has donated 400 Knit Kits—totes filled with yarn, needles, and patterns—to cancer patients in Boston and beyond. “I had no idea that Sh*t That I Knit would look like this,” Pardy says. “It’s grown into something much bigger than me.”

Ahead, Pardy tips her beanie to the things she loves.

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Lima, Peru

We make all of our products in Lima and go down frequently to visit with our team there. There’s a lot to love about the city—the dramatic cliffs, the history, the quaint buildings, but most of all, the ceviche (and pisco sours).

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Goop’s “Exfoliating Instant Facial”

This scrub has changed my life. It makes my skin feel so much smoother. My skin is perpetually dry, so I use it a few times a week, followed by lots of oils and heavy night creams.

Photo by Cody O’Loughlin

Gather Here

I love buying yarn for fun projects [at this Cambridge shop]. They have the best selection and the most helpful team. I poll the girls at the shop to see what color combinations they like best for my next Fair Isle sweater.

Photo by Cody O’Loughlin

My First Handknit Sweater

My first knitting project was a big purple sweater that I made when I was 10 years old. It finally fits, and it’s actually really good!

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Artemis Design Co. Shoes

Once you break in a pair of Artemis slippers, there’s nothing more comfortable and fashionable in my mind. They are all beautifully made with kilim rugs. I’m a super fan!

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Tory Burch 

This past year I was a part of the Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship, which supports female entrepreneurs. I fell even more in love with everything she does, from mixing patterns and creating exciting retail experiences to how she runs her business.


What I’m Reading
I devoured Three Women by Lisa Taddeo in a matter of days; it was incredibly powerful and eye-opening.

What I’m Watching
If it’s binge-able, I’ve watched it. I’m currently watching Succession on HBO. It’s a perfect mix of great character development, dark humor, and complex family relationships.

What I’m Eating
I recently discovered the Brookline Life Alive location, which is a quick drive from our office in Allston. I have become the Life Alive delivery girl at [work], taking orders so that I can get the Green Goddess bowl. Filling and healthy!

What I’m Listening To
The How I Built This podcast is my entrepreneurial version of a cup of coffee. Hearing the stories of other people working to get their businesses off the ground really motivates me.

What I’m Wearing
My husband got me a Rent the Runway subscription for my birthday when they started doing [their unlimited service] a few years ago. Since then, I have completely changed the way I shop and only buy staples for myself. Everything else is rented.