Five Art and Design Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List

Remote cabin getaways, Impressionist masterpieces, and delicious restaurant design.

Photo by Nina Gallant

Anti Glossy: Fashion Photography Now, by Patrick Remy
New digital media has come to touch every part of the fashion world, redefining the role of the photographer and how trends are captured for print. Anti Glossy catalogues the rise of the greats (Juergen Teller, Jason Evans, Sebastian Kim) and introduces the new generation of female artists disrupting the status quo (Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Karen Knorr, Sarah Piantadosi) through 256 pages of cutting-edge imagery.

Out 3/12/19, $50, Rizzoli.

Delicious Places: New Food Culture, Restaurants, and Interiors, by Gestalten
Foodies and interior-design lovers find common ground in this collection of the world’s most stunning and celebrated experiential restaurants. Single-dish bistros, traditional pasticcerias, and fishermen cooperatives are just a few of the eateries in the mix, with every delectable design decision, including dishware branding, material selection, and furniture finds, given its due.

Out 5/23/19, $55, Gestalten.

Resident Dog: Incredible Homes and the Dogs That Live There, by Nicole England
What makes a book dedicated to breathtaking architecture and interiors even more appealing? An adorable pup lounging on nearly every page. From midcentury brick houses to elegant Edwardian manses, the 25 inspirational (and pet-friendly) homes in Australian photographer Nicole England’s Resident Dog prove there’s always a place for man’s best friend.

Out 9/3/19, $50, Thames & Hudson.

Cabin Style, by Chase Reynolds Ewald
Nothing invites winter wanderlust like a gorgeous collection of cabins in the woods. Featuring rustic hideaways in the Rockies, a lakeside house in Tennessee, a burgundy-hued home in California wine country, and much more, the luxury residences in this tempting text—filled with images from award-winning photographer Audrey Hall—may have you rethinking your city abode.

Out 8/5/19, $50, Gibbs Smith.

Renoir: The Body, the Senses, edited by Esther Bell and George T. M. Shackelford
Rebellious and innovative, the Impressionist movement of the late 19th century shattered the conventions of Parisian art. This Clark Art Institute text dives deep into the work of Impressionist leader Pierre-Auguste Renoir, whose depictions of the female form remain among his most influential—and controversial—pieces to date.

Out 8/20/19, $55, the Clark Art Institute/Yale University Press.