Every Object Tells a Story in This Designer’s Charming Newton Home

Interior designer Vani Sayeed reveals the revamped living room in her beloved Dutch Colonial.

Photo by Joe St. Pierre

Moving from California 13 years ago, Vani Sayeed thought the Newton house she purchased with her husband would simply be a starter home—a place the couple and their daughters would live in for only a few years. As luck would have it, though, the charm of the century-old Dutch Colonial—particularly evident in the family’s fireplace-equipped living room—eventually won her over. “There’s so much character,” the interior designer says.

To add her own unique touch, Sayeed recently redecorated the space, incorporating both fresh pieces and older objects that spark treasured memories. A new silk-on-wool rug, for instance, hails from her collection for Landry & Arcari, while the antique coffee table (made from Kashmiri teak with a bone inlay) was a housewarming gift from her in-laws. Elsewhere, artwork created by the designer lines the walls, and an upright bass and a piano fill a cozy nook by the room’s 6-foot window—a favorite gathering spot for her children, who are avid musicians. “You’ll see that every object in my home has a story to it—and that really makes me feel happy,” Sayeed says.