The Only Property in Boston Left for Under $200k? Parking Spaces

Zero bedrooms, zero baths, infinite possibilities.

Parking Meters by Tim Pierce via Flickr/Creative Commons

You’re hitting the real estate market. You don’t have much to spend. You’re looking for some property in a market that’s notoriously pricey. Well, have we got a deal for you. The best Boston real estate bargains aren’t in one specific area, but in one particular type of real estate: parking spots.

Ok, hear me out. They may be a little flat, but if you want some cheap land in the city, this is your best chance to be able to say “Yeah, I own a place downtown” (just maybe avoid elaborating on the details). And Boston is a regrettably car-dependent city, so you could argue owning a parking space is even more enviable than the deed to a high-maintenance home or apartment (you’ll never get hit with a high electric bill or need for a new hot water heater when you own a parking spot).

“Parking never loses value,” says Coldwell Banker Realty sales associate Marcella Sliney. “It’s an excellent investment.”

Not to mention, with some parking spaces going for as little as $60,000, you’ll find parking spots are actually the cheapest listings in the city (never mind that you can buy a one-bedroom condo for that price in places like Dallas). Whether they’re in a garage or in the open air, we’ve found some of the hottest parking spots for sale for you.

Photo via RE/MAX Realty Plus

170 Tremont Street, #37, Downtown
Price: $50,000

This one is for those who like a little luxury. The downtown space comes with valet parking so you can just leave the keys behind while you enjoy all that downtown has to offer. When you’re ready to head out, just give the valet a call and the car will be brought right to you. Never worry about being late for a show in the Theater District thanks to T delays or searching for a spot again! (Now you can blame all your tardiness on Boston traffic instead.)

735 Harrison Avenue, South End
Price: $70,000

Look out, big cars! This single garage space is described as oversized, so you will have no trouble maneuvering your SUV in here. It also offers covered parking in the historically clogged South End. Of course, to get this spot you must actually be a resident of the South End, a neighborhood where the median home price is $1 million, according to Oh and did we mention there’s also a $67 monthly fee? But the end result is still a parking spot in one of the city’s notoriously congested neighborhoods.

151 Tremont Street, Unit UL405, Downtown
Price: $69,000

Weekly cleanings! A full-time attendant! This private downtown garage has it all, including services your actual home does not. The space on the upper fourth level will grant you access to stress-free parking so you can easily get to the hub of the Hub. And even better are the views! Set across from the Common, you’ll also enjoy some stunning sights of the city’s best green spaces as you roll in and out of the garage, offering just another touch of luxury you won’t find at home.

Zero Bolton D4, South Boston
Price: $65,000

Finding parking should be smooth and easy thanks to this spot, which is one of ten for sale in a newly paved lot near the Broadway T stop (buy the whole set if you really feel like investing!). The exclusive space is for anyone, whether you live in Boston or further out, and is within walking distance of Southie’s most popular destinations, according to Sliney. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you have a place to park while they scour the streets for a space or sacrifice their lawn chairs as space savers.

1313 Washington St U4A & U4B, South End
Price: $140,000

A two for one special that once again lands you in the wholly affordable South End market! You don’t even need to be a resident of this luxury building to buy this tandem parking space in the upper-level of the climate controlled garage for the Willakes Passage Condominium—perfect for a hangout on those wintry days. The mini-tandem spot is near the elevator and the stairs for easy access. A fob lets you in and out of the garage and offers an extra layer of security if parking garages make you anxious. And while you don’t need to own a place in the building, you do need to pay condo fees, but luckily they’re only $185.26 a month!