This Designer’s Cambridge Condo is Delightfully Quirky

Robin Anderson played brought color and plenty of personality to her family’s three-bedroom home.

Photo by Sabrina Cole Quinn

In decorating the 1,700-square-foot Cambridge condo that she shares with her husband and their two sons, Robin Anderson’s top priority is crystal clear: “We are a super lively, bold, loud family,” the interior designer says. “When people walk in, I want them to see an expression of us.”

To achieve that, Anderson is forever folding in elements strong on personality, such as the framed, vintage textile from St. Frank, the arched counter stools with patinated leather seats, and a plethora of pottery, including a quirky clay planter in the shape of a head. She’s also big on greenery: Houseplants and colorful blooms supplement the leafy view of a city park, as do the Roman shades made from Peter Dunham “Fig Leaf” fabric. “It’s so sad in winter when the trees just look like sticks,” Anderson says. “Unlike the dark drapes I used to have, these bring the outside in year-round.”

One piece that Anderson will never swap out is the room’s anchor: a beloved 13-year-old sofa that started out as a brown-microfiber monstrosity, but has long boasted a more stylish blue-velvet skin. “We’re big on reusing; it’s always about giving things new life,” Anderson says. Besides, the sofa is comfy and inviting, another crucial requirement. “Everything here is made to be touched and lived in,” she explains. “This past year, I was very happy to have this soft place to land.”