Matsu Co-Owner Dava Muramatsu Dishes on Her Reopened Shop

The stars aligned when she relaunched the apparel and home-accessories boutique she co-owns on Beacon Hill.

Photo by Gabriella Riggieri

When Dava Muramatsu and her husband, Masayuki, closed their Newbury Street boutique, Matsu, after a three-decade run, they were ready to take a break from being shop owners. Several years later, though, Dava says she realized she had too much energy for early retirement, so the couple began scouting properties to revive their clothing and home-goods store. They entertained the Seaport and even considered returning to the Back Bay, but fell in love with the charisma of Beacon Hill. “Charles Street had a charm, a European sense,” Dava says. So, heeding advice from Dava’s astrologer, the couple reopened Matsu there in May 2021 during the new moon—a symbol of good fortune and new beginnings, Dava explains.

Cosmic interventions aside, the store is set up for success. Matsu’s new location may be smaller than its original outpost, but walls painted Benjamin Moore’s “Black Forest Green,” 15-foot ceilings, wine-colored drapes, and gilded antique mirrors form a dramatic atmosphere all the same. Burning incense has been known to draw people inside, where Japanese glassware, Takahashi vases, hand-poured candles, clothing from as far as Turkey and France, and gemstone-laden jewelry from Dava’s own line, Nymph Jewels, fill the shelves. “I wanted to create this ethereal sense [in the shop]. When people come in, I want them to feel addicted, but not know why,” Dava says. “It’s all an emotional trigger.”

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Wine is an essential part of my life, as it is an essential part of civilized culture. Nicolas Haegeli, wine manager at Gordon’s in Waltham, has guided me into acquiring the taste for earthy, rich-bodied Bordeaux. At present I’m drinking 2015 Chateau La Vieille Cure Fronsac.

Photo by Gabriella Riggieri

Tokyo Kodo “Murmure de la Forêt” incense 

We are able to connect with nature through the burning of these elegant sticks of incense. “Murmure de la Forêt,” [which translates to] “whisper of the forest,” blends sandalwood, peppery cistus, patchouli, clove, vetiver, and a touch of raspberry. You will feel transported into another realm.

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Éminence Organic Skin Care 

Gemstones are healing for the spirit, but to apply them on the face is absolute decadence. Éminence Organic’s “Charcoal Exfoliating” gel cleanser is made with malachite; the “Camellia Glow” solid face oil is made with pink tourmaline; and the “Turmeric Energizing” treatment is made with citrines. All three combined will make your skin feel completely ecstatic.

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Louiza Babouryan

Louiza Babouryan’s [designs incorporate] tulle, organza, and ruffles: three elements that make my heart sing. They are comfortable, dressy yet casual, and freeing. I am inspired by these fabrics to teach, educate, and show women how to feel their absolute best all of the time.

Photo by Gabriella Riggieri

Herkimer Diamonds Quartz Crystals

The magical properties of these gemstones, such as raising your inner vibration and clearing the mind and chakras, are only a couple of the elements that they offer in healing when worn. These naturally formed quartz crystals are mined in Herkimer, New York, and are not very easy to find.


What I’m Eating
Stuffed artichokes are my go-to food, with ground beef, herbs, garlic, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan cheese. They are a bit tedious, but the preparation is a skill and an art.

What I’m Reading
Under the Light of the Italian Moon by Jennifer Anton is an inspiration of a true love story during the rise of fascism and World War II. Reading this jogs my memories of what little I knew about my Italian grand-parents and their ancestry.

What I’m Listening to
I love heavier music that sounds like it’s coming from a church, especially during colder months, but right now French-Egyptian artist and instrumentalist Ashraf Moawad has my attention, as he layers soulful tunes of the Eastern world with electronic melodies of the West.

What I’m Wearing
My Joseph Brooks–designed bracelets have black tourmaline for grounding, peridot for motivation, and garnet for energy balancing. Having the colors on my wrist inspires me every moment of the day.

What I’m Buying
I buy Comme des Garçons “Series 3 Incense: Avignon” eau de toilette whenever I’m in Paris, capturing the essence of my trip in one spray. The notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and ambrette resonate with me after dusk when the environment turns even more seductive.