Sage Green Brings a Naturalistic Feel to This South End Kitchen

Elements that recall the setting of a family's cherished haven are combined with finely honed detail in this high-functioning South End kitchen.

Photo by Jared Kuzia

When Jill Goldberg was tapped to spearhead the interior design of this South End kitchen, she took cues from the homeowners’ beloved vacation home in Maine. The goal was to infuse the space with modern New England charm “without feeling too countrified,” Goldberg says.

The designer worked with Noury-Ello Architects and Brayton-Dee Builders to reconfigure the kitchen to work more efficiently for the family of four and make use of previously wasted space. Rotating the island separates the cooking area from the dining area, and adding a window seat with drawers underneath increases storage and highlights the windows’ unique architecture. Sage green cabinetry enhances the serene, naturalistic feel they were after.

A wood-clad pass-through pantry that serves as a coffee station in the morning was added by carving out space from the parlor. A painting from the homeowners’ favorite Maine-based artist, Sarah Madeira Day, fits perfectly between the two built-ins flanking the dining area and picks up the green hues from the cabinets. “It was just meant to be,” Goldberg says.

Photo by Jared Kuzia

Contemporary lighting, including simple globe pendants from Rejuvenation and a sculptural linear chandelier above the table, exude a sleek, modern vibe that has an appealing contrast with the townhouse’s historic charm. / Photo by Jared Kuzia

Noury-Ello Architects

Brayton-Dee Builders

Interior Designer
Hudson Interior Designs

The pass-through pantry frames the dining area, providing a transition between the parlor and kitchen. “Because it’s a space that has two doorways, you can be a bit more dramatic,” Goldberg says. / Photo by Jared Kuzia

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