Four Art and Design Books for Your Winter Reading List

The greatness of green, road tripping across America, and baking with Pain d’Avignon.

The Great American Road Trip: Roam the Roads from Coast to Coast, Edited by Aether & Laura Austin

Synonymous with adventure, climbing into a car and hitting the highway is a trip many Americans have on their bucket list—and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to see and experience the U.S. It’s also the basis for this book, which includes both noteworthy and little-known roads and routes that showcase many beloved aspects of the country’s breathtaking and historic natural landscapes.

Out 8/9/22, $60, Gestalten.

Workshop/APD Homes: Architecture, Interiors, and the Spaces Between, by Matt Berman, Andrew Kotchen, and Marc Kristal

From Nantucket to Manhattan, the team at Workshop/APD—founded by Andrew Kotchen and Matt Berman in 1999—has designed dwellings that seamlessly combine exceptional architecture with innovative design. For the award-winning firm’s first book, the cofounders/authors explore a variety of projects and every lavish detail that made each unique. An eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary styles, top-quality finishes and materials, and modern colors succinctly illustrates their expertise and range.

Out 9/13/22, $55, Rizzoli.

G: Forever Green, by Carlos Mota

Whether we see it in the interiors we covet, the nature that surrounds us, or the fashions we favor, there’s no doubt about it: Green is good. That’s the premise for Carlos Mota’s tome that celebrates its numerous expressions and hues. Featuring several photographs from the interior designer and style guru’s world travels, this carefully curated collection of all things vibrant and verdant highlights how the beauty of green is everlasting.

Out 10/18/22, $85, Vendome Press.

The Pain d’Avignon Baking Book: a War, an Unlikely Bakery, and a Master Class in Bread, by Uliks Fehmiu with Kathleen Hackett

What’s more enticing than the European-style pastries and breads from Pain D’Avignon? How about the story behind the secret to its success? Complete with 60 recipes and expert insights, The Pain d’Avignon Baking Book chronicles the East Coast bakery’s rise from its humble beginnings to its status as a celebrated purveyor of artisanal baked goods. A tantalizing tale, this cookbook features all of the ingredients for satisfying storytelling.

Out 10/4/22, $40, Penguin Random House.