So, You Want to Live In Quincy?

Looking for Red Line access and waterfront living? Here’s what you need to know about buying a home in the City of Presidents.

Photo by Ken Wiedemann/Getty Images

1. Pick Your Price Point

In an area known for its outrageous housing prices, the cost of a home in Quincy is comparatively modest. Here, a single-family goes for a median price of about $660,000—a little above the statewide average, but lower than some neighboring South Shore suburbs. And variety is the name of the game: The market here offers a good mix of condos for compact living and single-family homes for those who need more space.

2. Plot Your Commute

If you want a quick ride into Boston, few options are better than Quincy. There are four Red Line stops in town, plus one in nearby Braintree, that can get you downtown in 30 minutes (barring all-too-frequent train delays). You can also hop on the commuter rail in Quincy Center for an even faster trip to South Station.

3. Take in the Vibe

Much like its neighbor, Boston, Quincy offers a mix of neighborhoods. Want a more suburban vibe? Check out the single-family homes in North Quincy. How about a place with urban walkability? That can be found in the condos by the boardwalk in Marina Bay. You can even go coastal in Squantum or Wollaston, both of which offer beachy abodes that make every day feel like a vacation.

4. Check out the Culture

Quincy is home to one of the largest Asian-American communities in Massachusetts, which translates to some truly authentic dining options. Offerings range from hot pot to dim sum to Thai.

5. Scope out the Schools

For the youngest learners, you’ll find several Montessori options in town. When it comes to public education, the school-ranking site Niche gave the district an A for diversity and college-prep opportunities for students. Looking to go private? The highly selective Milton Academy—which counts former Governor Deval Patrick, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and several members of the Johnson clan as alumni—is only 10 minutes away.

First published in the print edition of the May 2023 issue with the headline “So You Want to Live In…Quincy.”