For Sale/Rent

On the Market: A Glass House on a Cape Cod Island

Perched on one of Lieutenant Island's highest points, this contemporary creation is feet from the beach, and minutes from downtown Wellfleet.

Lawrence, Massachusetts
Real Estate

This Is the Most Affordable Place to Retire in Massachusetts

For Sale/Rent

Five Open Houses in South Boston to Tour This Weekend

kelly rogers kitchen
Home Design

Kelly Rogers Took the Kitchen in This 1930s Kit House from Drab to Delightful

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Mass Art Auction This Saturday Night

For budding art collectors and established connoisseurs alike, this is a not-to-be-missed event.

Americana in Maine

House Beautiful features this homage to toile, the flag, and over-the-top nostalgia this April.

Home Design

The Slade Index

What’s hot and not in Boston home design.

Fashion + Style

Watches That Can Kick Your Phone’s Butt

New technology is making it easier to strap on the smarts.

Home Design

Get Your Car On

Tales of Ferraris, Ralph Lauren, and horsepower at the Larz Anderson Museum on March 21.

linda behar embroidery
Home Design

Well Thread

Check out Linda Behar’s embroidered masterpiece.

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The 100 Best Buildings in Boston

The 100 Best Buildings in Boston

Behold the city’s architectural treasures—according to us.

floral accessories spring
Home Design

The Big Bloom

Spring’s stunning floral accessories bring cheer throughout the year.

home design events boston
Home Design

Home Design Happenings

Where to go and what to read for your spring design fix.

Home Design

English Accents

Kristin Paton Home brings Notting Hill to Cambridge.

spring flower vases
Home Design

Flower Power

Show off spring’s prettiest petals in one of these delightful vessels.

homegrown tomatoes
Home Design

Get Fresh

Follow these simple steps now, courtesy of Mahoney’s Garden Center manager Mark Cutler, for juicy homegrown tomatoes come August.

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View the Current Issue of Boston Home

View the Current Issue of Boston Home

stylish gardening tools
Home Design

Dig It

Get your garden started in style.

Home Design

Paint the Town Red

A very bold chair to complement a very iconic woman.

Piano wire is wrapped around a hitch pin—the other end of the wire will be threaded through the tuning pin and tightened to pitch
Home Design

The Piano Lesson

Haverhill’s Mason & Hamlin creates some of the most coveted instruments in the world.

Home Design

Going Dutch

From Amsterdam’s free-thinking ways to sunsets on Martha’s Vineyard, here’s what drives architect Tamara Roy.

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