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On the Market: A Shining and Serene Retreat in Freeport

Wake up to ocean views and wooded surroundings.


A Study Found Overwhelming Evidence Black Renters Experience Discrimination in Boston

Real Estate

The Coming Eviction Crisis Will Be Worse Than You Think

For Sale/Rent

On the Market: A Converted Dairy Barn on the Rhode Island Oceanfront

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Jill Goldberg breaks into House Beautiful

We’ve always loved Hudson’s wunderkind. Now the world will, too.

More or Less: Dandelion Pendant

Desperately seeking affordable alternatives.

Designer Benjamin Hubert

Introducing one of Europe’s rising stars.

John Maniscalco’s Russian Hill Residence

Looking to the opposite coast for design inspiration.

Opening This Weekend

Jerry Uelsmann at the Robert Klein Gallery

Best of Boston Home 2012 party

Celebrate good times!

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The 100 Best Buildings in Boston

The 100 Best Buildings in Boston

Behold the city’s architectural treasures—according to us.

Driade Kosmo’s 100 Piazze Collection

Silver plated trays by Fabio Novembre recall Italy’s finest piazzas.

Let’s Shop: Abodeon

Fun gifts at the rockin’ little boutique in Cambridge.

Best of Boston Home 2012

A sneak peek of our winter issue, now online.

More or Less: Starck Side Chair

Desperately seeking affordable alternatives.

Juicy Paintings by James Aponovich

One terrific upcoming show at the Clark Gallery in Lincoln.

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View the Current Issue of Boston Home

View the Current Issue of Boston Home

Battle of the Wall Stickers

Peel-and-stick wall art comes of age.

Locally Grown: Charlene Mullen Pillows

We spotted these playful linen-and-wool embroidered accents at Addo Novo.

From Medford With Love

Unpublished pictures from our radical fashion-meets-architecture feature story.


One Great Room: British Style

How to get that London look.

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