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Ethan Goodrich

126 Newbury St.
Boston, MA

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The Goodrich Team came to be 10 years ago when Ethan Goodrich started a boutique brokerage in Boston, Goodrich Residential. The team’s nickname, the Ducks, hails from the famous Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Boston Public Garden, and it also inspires their logo. This branding represented the concept of family, a foundation on which they have built their team and clientele. The Goodrich Team made the shift to Compass in 2018, which has allowed them to leverage themselves with a game-changer in the industry. Each member of their 10-person team performs a unique role, whether it’s specializing in sellers, buyers, leasing, operations, transaction support, or marketing. With more than 40 years of combined experience, the team has done thousands of transactions. They attribute their success to constant innovation, relationship building, and working smarter and faster than the competition.

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Towns Served:

Arlington, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chestnut Hill, Cohasset, Downtown Boston, Hingham, Lexington, Newburyport, Newton, Seaport District, Somerville, South Boston, South End, Waterfront, Wellesley, Weston, Winchester

Team Name:

The Goodrich Team

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

Typically we’ll sit down face-to-face with our clients, whether it be in their home or in our office to discuss their goals, timeline and concerns, along with an extensive overview of the buying or selling process. Whether it is a primary home, secondary home, or investment property, we are keen to curate a specific game plan based on specific nuances to the market’s current temperature, historical factors, or the client’s motivations. All clients are different, so it’s highly important to get to get to know their personality type and needs from the start, so we can communicate and relate to them more effectively throughout the entire transaction.

Our team is like a manufacturing facility where we all represent a different support part of the transaction. We have an incredibly efficient team-style approach starting with the Team Leader and Listing Agent, Ethan. Anne serves as the Director of Operations, Nathaniel, Kaitlin and Amanda are Buyer’s Agents, and Sarah is the Transaction Coordinator. Our Leasing Specialists are Lauren, Allison, Lisa, and Rami, who help curate rental properties and assist our investors in filling their units.

What advice would you give a client looking to find a provider in your specialty?

The four things you should look for when hiring an agent are experience, local knowledge, likability, and marketing presence. There have been countless situations I have witnessed where the other side of the transaction has poorly represent their buyer or seller, because of one thing or another. Don't hire your best friend or family member just because you want to help them out, unless they are experienced in that market. I've seen hundreds of thousands of dollars lost for buyers and sellers due to the hiring of inexperienced agents or discount brokerages, who lack the proper education and insight of the market, deliver subpar marketing, or falter because they are not connected within the right spheres of influence and internal networks.

What inspired your passion for your profession?

If you are obsessed with the high of winning a game, it happens every day for someone on our team. The competitive nature of real estate is exhilarating and it’s something that fuels us daily because the sky is truly the limit in this industry. Adding to that, all of us are so passionate about what we do because we love working together and have established an unparalleled level of trust and loyalty. One of Compass’ core values is "Collaborate without Ego," which may sound corny, but it truly is the culture, which is supremely important and a pillar of why we love working here. We sit next to some of the brightest minds in real estate in Boston, which is not only motivating, but helps with individual growth, networking for our clients and aids our understanding of the current state of the market. In an industry that is very private and competitive amongst agents, our team and company definitely set us apart.

What services are you most excited to offer?

We have a couple of game changers this year: our favorite is a program called ""Compass Concierge,"" which is what Ethan feels he’s wanted his entire career for listings. The skinny of the program is that we will front the cost and also facilitate a makeover of your home through upgrades, new flooring, painting, staging and more. Please ask us for specific details on this, it seems too good to be true, but it is highly beneficial for our sellers. Sometimes a $20K investment into a condo can turn into a 100K ROI, and even more importantly help sell your home quicker.

Another big one this year we are also excited to be offering through Compass is Bridge Loans for clients that are looking to buy prior to selling. Trying to line up a home sale with a new purchase can be extremely stressful, and most often doesn't suit either party involved. The Bridge Loan, just like it sounds, allows our clients to bridge that gap and buy a property of their dreams prior to selling their current property.

What is the best reaction you’ve ever received from a client?

I once had a seller burst into tears upon delivering the news that their home had been sold well over-asking after the first weekend. This gave them the opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams, as a result of the quickness of the sale and the generous offer price. It’s reactions like these that make the highs and lows of the real estate world so rewarding. While we aren’t performing brain surgery as agents, we still take pride in knowing we are making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

What makes your business stand apart?

It's so important to step back and really put yourself in the shoes of the buyer or seller. I think communication and preparation are what sets us apart. It's kind of a boring answer, but so many people just look at the purchase or sale from a professional vantage point, and fail to take a step back and understand that this is such a huge emotional and financial undertaking for someone to either buy or sell a property. We always try to consider the other side, practice good listening, and grasp all of our client's worries and motivations. This really helps everyone be on the same page and allows us to over-deliver on results.

How many years have you been in business?

Our team has 40 years of combined experience.

What do clients have to say about you?

"Ethan was truly fantastic at guiding my fiancé and I through the home buying process. He always provided his honest opinion about the places we were viewing, and whether they were a good buy or not. I also really appreciated his responsiveness to the many questions we had throughout the process, and the extra effort he put in to get answers from multiple sources (lenders, sellers, lawyers, etc.) quickly. Given that the home buying process is really a team effort, I found the true testament of Ethan's character to be the people he works with. Ethan referred us to a great lender and to a great lawyer, and I believe it was the success of the overall team that ended up getting us the place we wanted. This was especially evident after seeing our other friends go through the home buying process with other agents and seeing all of the challenges they had with poor communication from their team. I really can't say enough positive things about our experience with Ethan!"

"We couldn't have bought our first home without Kaitlin! We are so grateful for her constant support and honesty. We never felt like she was pressuring us or encouraging us to do something we didn't really want to do - she was always on our side. And now we finally have the home of our dreams! Thanks for everything, Kaitlin!"

"Ethan helped my sister and I move into both our first and second condo in Boston. He is very knowledgeable of the Boston area and can recommend neighbors down to street level based on your interests, likes & dislikes. With the fast market, he was very responsive to all our late night texts, emails and calls in order to quickly bid on condos. We would highly recommend Ethan and his team as he not only is knowledgeable in the market and the city, but is extremely personable, easy to talk with and a nice guy. Thanks for all of your help, Ethan!"

Any other information you’d like to provide – Hobbies, etc.

In our little free time, our team likes to escape and unwind from the fast-paced and never sleeping market. By "escape," we literally make it our prerogative to do Escape the Rooms around the city each month. Essentially, you get locked in a themed room for 60-minutes and you need to figure your way out by solving puzzles and finding clues. We currently have escaped 4 out of the 5 times we’ve done it, so to all our prospective clients out there, know you’re in good hands with our top-notch teamwork and problem solving skills!


Top Producer: 2019