In Praise of Market Basket

1197044513Some of the greatest food pleasures can also be the most inexpensive. There’s nothing better on a Sunday than reading the paper over at a diner for less than $10. But enjoying inexpensive quality food isn’t limited to eating out. One of our favorite places to buy groceries is the lowly Market Basket.

Don’t be be put off by the down-and-dirty atmosphere. Market Basket doesn’t have a website. It doesn’t do home delivery like Stop and Shop. On rainy days, you walk through a layer of sawdust put in place to keep people from slipping.

But those who venture through the crowded aisles and maneuver between the meandering toddlers and abandoned carts are rewarded with a wide variety of foods for incredibly low prices. The meat department stocks cuts that would send most cooks to high-priced specialty stores. Its produce department has a great selection of exotic fruits and fresh spices for those looking for something unusual.

We’re not the only ones with a deep love of Market Basket. One fan collects pictures of Market Basket facades. The Somerville location’s Yelp listing is full of testimonials from fellow enthusiasts. You’ve got to be in the mood for a crowd, but when you see the grand total, you’ll be glad you went.