Too Much Sushi

1199984643Sushi is a staff favorite here at Chowder. We don’t care if it’s prepared in a fancy high-end restaurant or a tiny storefront; as long as the fish is fresh we’re there. But as a former resident of Brookline’s Washington Square, I was depressed to hear that another high-end sushi place may be heading for the long-vacant space that was formerly the B&D Deli.

Kazuhiro Aotani, the owner of Shino Express Sushi is behind the proposed restaurant named Bon, according to papers filed with the town. If Bon gets the proper permits, it will be the 16th sushi restaurant in Brookline.

This smacks of the oft-discussed burrito blitz that hit Somerville’s Davis Square earlier this year. I’m just not sure Brookline needs more sushi, especially when other types of restaurants are in such short supply. Like breakfast joints. On Sunday mornings, it was nice to be able to stumble to the B&D for some coffee and eggs. Once that diner closed, the only other quick and easy breakfast option was the kosher Dunkin’ Donuts, and that closed last month.

Of course, Bon’s boosters argue that their restaurant will be superior to Brookline’s other sushi joints. But unless they pioneer some kind of bacon-and-egg breakfast maki, I’m not holding my breath.