Chowder Loves Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili

1201013732This week’s cold snap has us craving warm, rich foods. While there’s nothing better than spending all day tending to a simmering pot of stew or soup, sometimes we want that flavor without investing all that time. When I get a craving for chili, one of my favorites is Trader Joe’s turkey chili.

The last time I was at the neighborhood grocery store, a friend encouraged me to try the fairly unremarkable can of chili. Since I like to have an array of foods ready for those nights where I feel like I might faint before even cooking some pasta, I took her advice.

A few nights later, I found myself dumping the contents into a small saucepan for dinner. Even without sour cream, it was delicious. The chili is spicy without the overwhelming heat of other brands. Shredded turkey is a nice compliment to the beans, and it was so satisfying I saved half the can for lunch the next day.

The store’s chili comes in other varieties, like beef and bean-only. But for a healthy, warm meal I like the turkey chili. And for only a few bucks a can, it’s a great deal.

Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili is available at Trader Joe’s. Check here for locations and phone numbers.