Toscanini’s Lives to Scoop Another Day

1200607814Ice cream fans are one step closer to rejoicing. Toscanini’s is getting closer to reopening. After launching a blog to solicit donations for its $167,000 tax bill, the owners report that they’ve received enough money to make a down payment to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and will hopefully start scooping soon.

But the owners are still accepting donations if you want to help them out.

On Save Toscanini’s!, the PayPal account is still open for donations. There’s also an eBay auction to support the struggling ice cream makers. There are several Steven Solomon paintings up for auction, along with some cook’s knives, and a magic show.

If making a direct donation to the company’s tax bill made you uncomfortable, you can now donate in a way that gives you something to show for it. Other than the ice cream belly you’ll develop if and when the stores reopen, that is.

UPDATE: Tosci’s has apparently pulled it off and will reopen.