Chowder’s Tips for Restaurant Week Reservations

Chowder’s favorite time of the year is the months-long bingefest between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. But Boston Restaurant Week ranks a close second as our favorite foodie time of year. Reservations are being accepted for the March restaurant week, which actually runs for two weeks (March 9-14 and March 16-21).

After the jump, we give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Restaurant Week reservation.

Pick the right restaurants
It’s tempting to dine at all of the great places that offer a Restaurant Week menu, but try to get reservations at a spot where the prices typically break the budget. Beehive’s entrees run a reasonable $21-$30, while L’Espalier’s entrees are typically more than $30. And for the love of God, save Durgin-Park for when the relatives come in from out of town.

Double-check your reservation
Yesterday, I thought I was way ahead of the game when I scored a dinner reservation for four at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse during prime dinner hours. The thrill of victory was short-lived when I realized the popular steakhouse only offers a lunch menu for Restaurant Week. Also be sure to note any exceptions to a restaurant’s offerings (for instance, Meritage does not serve a Restaurant Week dinner menu on Sundays).

Read the menu
If you make a reservation and bring a picky eater, nobody will be happy. Haru’s fish-heavy menu won’t appeal to the non-seafood eaters.

Be flexible
Restaurant Week is one of the most popular food events in the city, and hot spots tend to get booked up quickly. Try a place you never would have tried otherwise. A boyfriend and I made a last-minute reservation at Tangierino a few years ago and had a great time.