Talking Dirty

1202932954As the day of love draws near, local bars are playing up those clichéd “naughty” cocktails: the Sex on the Beach (boring), the Slippery Nipple (taste disgusting), the Screaming Orgasm (two words far too graphic to ever be said together in public).

And yet, cocktails and Valentine’s Day do kind of go together. So we looked around for some fire-igniting drinks that won’t make you cringe.

Start at BarLola and cozy up with their signature martini, The Lolita ($12). Made with Stoli Perik, Gran Torres (orange-flavored cordial) and mango juice, it has a sweet, mellow flavor, and comes garnished with an edible orchid. No wilting flower here.

What’s more romantic than a champagne cocktail? Vinalia’s The Flirt ($10) clears the palette with its fruity, but dry (thank you bubbly) taste.

Perform a baptism of your own with Felt’s Original Sin ($10), their take on the classic dirty martini, or head to Temple Bar for a Wild Fling ($9).

For an energy boost, try Sanctuary’s Lusty Latte ($12). Made with Caramel Infused Vodka and Starbucks Espresso Liquor, it’ll awaken all your senses.

End the night with obviously bad intentions at The Living Room with the Up All Night ($10.50) or Down & Dirty ($12). If you can manage to order either with a straight face (or even better, a coordinated wink), consider yourself talented. I can usually only pull off an awkward smirk.

Or, if retro drinks are more your speed, head to Eastern Standard for some Hanky Panky($10). A classic cocktail from the Savoy Hotel in London, Hanky Panky proves that sometimes just ordering counts as talking dirty. “After a few of those…they are stronger than they look. I have no doubt that they could lead to some…you know,” says Bar Manager Jackson Cannon.