All the News That’s Fit to Eat

Keeping track of Boston’s dining scene can feel almost as daunting as scoring a table outside on a sunny day. Chowder scours the internet for the latest good news, bad news, and the obscene uses of bacon.

Bad News
1213044350 We come to you with a heavy heart (though perhaps a lighter derrière). Beloved Boston magazine haunt the Golden Horn has closed after five years of service and untold quantities of frozen yogurt.

Needham’s Bickford’s was destroyed in a fire. The owner hopes to rebuild, but we’re left to ponder where we’ll get our next Big Apple until that happy day.

Good News
The Barking Crab won’t get scooped up in the rapid waterfront development, so the Boston institution in celebrating with special drinks, including something called a Crab Cocktail. According to the press release, it consists of “four rums, assorted juices and a hint of bitters” and is served in a souvenir glass. Heh. Crab cocktail. Sounds like something that should be warned against in sex ed.

While we might not be getting our fix of Golden Horn fro-yo, we can always head to West Roxbury for some ice cream. Centre Street newcomer iScream will open on Friday the 13th. A little ominous for frozen treats, isn’t it?

Cape diners will find a new twist at an old favorite. Acclaimed chef David Schneller has been named Executive Chef of Abbicci in Yarmouthport. He plans to use locally-produced ingredients in his Mediterranean dishes, according to a press release.

We love bacon. We love french fries. We love foods on sticks. But for the love of God, those three things should never be combined into one unholy abomination.