Celebrating Strawberry Season

1213708429I can never get enough strawberries. I start my day with a bowl of cereal with dried slices, and sometimes I have a peanut butter and strawberry-jam sandwich for lunch. There’s nothing better than strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Now that it’s mid-June, strawberry season is in full-swing. After the jump, we give you three ways to celebrate the berry goodness.

Pick Your Own Strawberries
The folks at About.com have made a list of farms around New England where you can select your own red berries. Sure beats rooting through the plastic containers for the least funky-looking quart at Shaws.

The Strawberry Cobbler cocktail at Eastern Standard
If heaven has a bartender, we hope it will be Jackson Cannon. This summery drink is thick with fresh strawberries and mint, and is perfect for sipping on the patio after work.

Strawberry Dessert Festival
Fifteen local restaurants, from Highland Kitchen to Upstairs on the Square, will donate part of the proceeds from every strawberry dessert sold to Mass Farmers Markets.

So enjoy the tasty berries now. You’ll be back to paying $8 for flavorless off-season fruit soon enough.