Chowder Loves: Ula Cafe

1215617153While Boston editors hail from all over, a disproportionate number of us seem to reside in JP. Land of ridiculously cheap, absurdly good Latin food, sustainably cool vegetarian-ish eateries, the Sam Adams brewery, several legendary Irish pubs, mysterious chicken smells, and perhaps the coolest indie grocery store around: That JP. But few people realize that the neighborhood plays host to another little gem: Ula Cafe, located in the Brewery loft complex on Amory Street.

Working as a freelance writer, I spent the good part of 2007 using Ula as my office. (Thanks for the free WiFi, guys!). I’ve eaten practically every pastry they make (though they’re always coming up with seasonal additions, like fresh strawberry scones) and devoured every sandwich on the menu. Let’s just say that after a few months of this, I had to buy new clothes—and a scale.

So, when managing editor and fellow Chowder blogger Jenn Johnson mentioned last week that she’d dropped by for the first time, I just about screeched, “You’re just learning about this now??” Consider yourself informed.

I know you may be loyal to your Dunks, or wouldn’t be caught dead without a venti Starbucks in your hand, but, humor me: On some lazy Saturday, do yourself a favor and get up early. Walk into Ula just as the warm, eggy popovers are coming of the kitchen. Slather ’em with Nutella, sip on a cup of fair-trade coffee (or your own pot of Russian Caravan tea), and read the paper.

Or, come around brunch, and order the Black Forest ham sandwich, which is layered with herbed cream cheese, cukes, and apricot chutney, and is served on slices of semolina bread. Finish it off with a fresh-baked oatmeal cookie—if I haven’t eaten them all already, that is.

Ula Cafe, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, 617-524-7890,