All the News That’s Fit to Eat

Keeping track of Boston’s dining scene can feel almost as daunting as choosing a cocktail at Eastern Standard. Chowder scours the Internet for the latest good news along with tales of the coming chocolate apocalypse.

Good News
Congratulations to the All Star Sandwich Bar, which was named in Bon Appetit’s Hot Ten Sandwich Shops.

Those of you who donated to save Toscanini’s will be pleased to hear it was named one of Forbes Traveler’s Best Ice Cream spots.

Somehow, Massachusetts residents drink enough coffee to support a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner and a Starbucks on every other block. The Seattle-based coffee company won’t shutter any of their Bay State locations in the first round of closings.

Abbicci has hired Emily Garrett, formerly of Portland, Maine’s Fore Street, as its new pastry chef.

Bad news for Chocoholics
Experts say that in 20 years, we may view chocolate as a rare delicacy, like caviar. If you need us, we’ll be hyperventilating into paper bags. That news makes us panic over climate change more than An Inconvenient Truth ever could. (Apologies to Al Gore.)