Salad Works at Cafe Nicholas

1217611257I don’t ask for much on a lazy evening in. A cozy blanket to curl up under, a remote control with access to Comcast On Demand, and a preheated oven for chocolate chip cookies are all I need to truly veg out. Oh, and actual veggies: namely, a large Greek salad with a scoop of tuna and a side of pita bread (hold the olives! and the green peppers!) from my absolute favorite Brookline takeout joint, Cafe Nicholas.

The place itself is cute and cozy, as an added bonus it also reminds me of the homey, old-school pizzeria I worked at in high school. The rest of the food, though decent, is nothing too special (think pizza, paninis, and pasta entrees).

But it’s that salad—packed with fresh, crisp lettuce, chunks of creamy feta cheese, and a monstrous portion of slightly tangy, majorly-addictive tuna—that has caused severe withdrawal after a week without the stuff.

The best part? The pita bread that’s served on the side. I stuff it ’til it’s overflowing with red onions, feta, tuna, cucumber, and plenty of lettuce, then proceed to make an enormous mess on my kitchen table.

So order it up, bring it home, and try it for yourself. It’s become a fixture in my apartment, and as a tuna salad aficionado, I can tell you that I haven’t had better anywhere.

Got a contender? I’d love to hear about it—maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share the wealth just a little bit.

Cafe Nicholas, 1632 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-739-1114,