Luna’s on the Move

1220980660Little more than five months after opening Aroa Fine Chocolate, which he often described as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, Alejandro Luna has abruptly left the shop. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t sound like a friendly split. Store manager Brittany Hagan confirmed Luna’s departure, stating, “Alejandro was offered a job and is leaving the country for it.”

“Not really, no,” says Luna, when contacted about Hagan’s statement. “It was a series of unfortunate events. I worked really hard to put the business together and me and my business partners had, I guess you could say a ‘difference of opinion.’ So I decided to part ways.”

“I wanted something better for the store,” he says. “Something grander. And it wasn’t going to happen.”

Luna says he’s working on a new project: a dessert bar that will “blend, or better yet, break the separation between appetizers, entrees and desserts.” He pictures small plates, an open kitchen, wine service. He’s trying to secure funding, but says he has the plans fully laid out. Meanwhile, he’s doing some consulting around town and cooking at the South End’s Ortanique in the evenings.