Counting Down the Best New Foodie Road Trips (Finally…No. 1!)

Alright, Chowderheads: For all of you with the stamina and appetite to keep up on Chowder’s thousand-mile, six-week odyssey to identify the best and the brightest of New England’s destination-worthy hotspots, we’ve come to the end of our journey.

Well…almost. After downing lemon-oil-drizzled halloumi grilled cheese toast, scarfing down sambal-slathered pork-and-apple fried wontons, pigging out on fork-tender, dry-rubbed baby back ribs tarted up with vinegary apple-cabbage slaw, indulging in butterscotch cheesecake with sweet candied fennel, and munching on the best sautéed Rhode Island-style calamari ever, we’re finally ready to reveal the No. 1 foodie road trip destination!

But only if you click here.