Last Bite: Excelsior

From the ashes of one, two shall arise.

We’re all getting pretty tired of bad economy stories, but the shuttering of one of our favorite chic dining spots, Excelsior, has left a bad taste in our mouth. We can’t be that surprised, however, as recessions tend to call for more frugal dining habits, and $44 entrees aren’t necessarily anyone’s MO at the moment. While we’ll miss the savory fare and glass elevator through the wine tunnel, there is a half-full glass here.

Nicole Barrick
, Director of Marketing and PR for Grill 23, Harvest, and Excelsior agreed. “People are dining out differently,” she says. “Looking ahead, we decided it’s time to refocus this business, and this is as good a time as any to open something that’s beneficial to the community.”

And so, Kenneth Himmel, the restaurant’s owner, is doing what any good business owner does in times of crisis: adapt.

Excelsior will morph into a more informal setting, touting menu options with lower prices, and it’s slated to re-open in October. Sources say that a second restaurant project is also in the works for October—Post 390—which is where Excelsior’s chef, Eric Brennan, will take his mastery.

So while we throw a few tantrums at losing one tried-and-true hotspot, we’re already looking forward to two new ones later this year.

?Anne Vickman