Restaurant L: Another One Bites the Dust

We’re sad to report that Marc Orfaly’s Restaurant L, opened only three months before, closed this weekend. There had been rumors that the restaurant was struggling, again (the previous iteration, Pino Maffeo’s Boston Public–pictured–blew up rather spectacularly last summer), and we noticed on a recent visit that a number of entrees weren’t available, which can be a sure sign of trouble (particularly when vendors stop delivering supplies).

But we were rooting for the Marc to succeed, which is why we were so happy when Restaurant L’s Caesar salad won our “Ultimate” challenge for March.

We regret that this sudden demise means that readers won’t be able to try the salad after all (second place finisher KO Prime wins the crown!). And it’s a sobering sign of the times that the lovely space in Louis Boston is without an eatery once more.