Seeing Green

All right, people, get excited. While we’re not out of the woods yet (see: the April Fool’s Day blizzard), all signs point to spring. I’ve spotted window boxes full of freshly-planted pansies in Charlestown, crocuses coming up in JP, and a few rogue bulbs sprouting up in my own backyard. (I’m hoping they’re ramps, but I’ll settle for daffodils.)

Which has me thinking about spring veggies. I’m having visions of a brimming Copley Square Farmer’s Market, trips to the newly rebuilt Verrill Farm stand, and—soon, I hope—the forthcoming greenmarket in Dewey Square.

As nice as it’s been to have so many restaurants finding ways to serve local fare in winter, I’m starting to tire of braised meats, root veggies, and dried fruit. I can’t wait for baby lettuces, pea tendrils, asparagus, and fresh herbs.

Chefs, what spring vegetable are you eager to put on your tables? Diners, what warm-weather foods to you crave the most? Do tell, and help me keep those sunny thoughts alive.