After Work Eats

With Restaurant Week filling up tables on otherwise empty weeknights at our favorite neighborhood spots, what are we to do if all we want is a few cocktails and a bite to eat, and not a three-course gorge fest?

We have you covered. Grab a seat at the bar post nine-to-five and take advantage of the many specials we’ve rounded up, many of which include inexpensive drinks and free bar bites, or even $1 oysters, 50-cent tapas, and $2 tacos.

Or you can check in at local spots that aren’t on the Restaurant Week kick instead, to see what kinds of deals they’re offering up. This new web feature will live on from here on out, and we’ll be constantly updating it with the latest specials at your favorite places.

We’ll have the best after-work dining deals listed all year long. Who needs Restaurant Week?

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