Lobster Lovers Rejoice

In case you hadn’t heard, the lobster industry is in hot water. It’s not because they’re being overfished or underfed, and not even because of this summer’s terrible weather. No, the lobster industry is in crisis because you’re not eating enough.

How does that work? Generally perceived as a luxury, the normally-expensive little crustaceans have been blacklisted by many budget-conscious diners. As a result, local lobstermen are stuck with full traps, and fewer people are out there reaping the rewards.

But that’s good news for you, at least temporarily. As the price per pound continues to plummet, many local restaurants are offering terrific specials. Roll up your sleeves, seafood lovers, and bust out the bibs. These deals from Rialto, Olives, and Za Za Restaurant will fill your belly and help the lobster industry stay afloat.

Olives Lobster Land: Starting on July 20 through August 8, Todd English’s flagship will be serving a three-course lobster menu for $35. The dinner includes a choice of five different appetizers (corn chowder, grilled tomato bruschetta, steamed mussels, native tart green salad, or ricotta ravioli), an entrée featuring a 1 ¼ lb. lobster served wood grilled, pan roasted, steamed, or crispy, and a homemade dessert.

Rialto Lobster Bailout: Rialto is on a mission to sell 500 lobsters by Labor Day. As of this posting, they’ve sold 170, so they have 330 to go. Do your part in supporting their cause by indulging in a whole steamed lobster for $29. The lobster is boiled and split, served on a potato salad, and it comes with littleneck clams and chorizo with white wine and chervil butter. Ask for a punch card on your visit, and if you buy six lobsters, you’ll get the seventh one free!

Running of the Lobsters: Just when we thought we’d found all the lobster deals, this one scurried in. Throughout the summer, Za Za in Saugus is offering an all-out New England lobster bake for only $12.99, every Thursday night from 3-10 p.m. Not only will you feast on a 1 ¼-1 ½ pounder, but you’ll also get a cup of clam chowder, corn on the cob, and coleslaw.

Now, get cracking!