Chowder Learns How2

When it comes to dining out, we have no problem dishing out advice. Whipping up good meals in our own kitchens, on the other hand, is another matter. But lately we’ve been taking our cooking cues from Boston-area chefs via Cambridge web startup

The site has video demos and tips on everything from what to do with all that zucchini from your garden (answer: zucchini wrapped potatoes with avocado cream) and how to clean a squid (hint: don’t rupture the ink sack!). Chef Jody Adams of Rialto, which took home this year’s Best of Boston Italian award, demonstrates how to trim an artichoke. Meanwhile, Craigie On Main‘s Tony Maws, another BOB recipient, gives one-on-one instructions on how to cure duck breast.

How2Heroes has even created a page featuring these Best of Boston 2009 winners‘ videos. We’re loving the demos from chef Erwin Ramos from Olé Mexican Grill (Best of Boston 2009 Mexican) on how to make shrimp tacos with chipotle mayo. And there’s one from fishmonger Carl Fantasia from New Deal (Best of Boston 2009 Fish Market ) on how to buy fresh fish. Check out all of the winners’ videos here.

Oh, and another thing: while you’re learning from Boston’s best chefs in town in the comfort of your own kitchen, try not to get any giblets on the keyboard.