The Best Boston Market

By Aviva Shen

It’s farmers’ market season in Boston. We’ve been consuming a steady supply of veggies, fruit and Vitamin D. But come November, like every year, we’ll be stuck staring wistfully at that snow-swept parking lot where cheerful farm-stands once hawked the best of local goods.

But there may be hope one winter soon!

The long-anticipated Boston public market has taken new steps toward reality. Governor Deval Patrick (shamelessly courting the foodie vote?) is now pledging 10 million dollars toward the project, organized by the nonprofit Boston Public Market Association. The association’s website features a promotional video (below) with the Boston culinary scene’s biggest names — Barbara Lynch, Todd English, and Ming Tsai, to name a few — and one adorable little girl in a chef’s toque throwing their support behind a public market.

The Boston Public Market would allow local farmers and artists to sell their goods year-round to an eager consumer base, following in the footsteps of other tourist-attracting markets like San Francisco’s Ferry Building, Philly’s Reading Terminal, and Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

If all goes well, Boston could have its very own market on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in a year to 18 months. Until then, we’ll be relying on places like the “Best of Boston” farmers’ markets from 2009 and 2010.

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