Hometown Food Network Winner

By: Katherine Brooks

“Marrowly We Roll Along” was the title of the Food Network’s January 18th episode of Chopped. Boston chef Laura Henry-Zoubir represented the Hub well, taking first place in the cooking competition show. Henry-Zoubir — the culinary director of The Regal Beagle, Church Restaurant & Nightclub and 14 Union in Plymouth — wowed the judges with bone marrow brulee and Dungeness crab risotto. Her red curry-infused pineapple clafoutis with vanilla bourbon sauce and pepita brittle, however, won my heart. (Always eat dessert first.)

Chopped features four up-and-coming chefs competing for the title of champion and a $10,000 prize. Each contestant must turn specific ingredients into a three-course meal. After each course, a panel of celebrity judges determines which chef is “chopped.” The last person standing claims victory. Congrats to Henry-Zoubir and the Dramshop Hospitality Group!