The Beer Drinking Report: Tweet This, Lord Hobo – We Like You

By: The Beer Drinker

Her draft of CBC Project Venus arrived in a brandy glass. After her first sip, My Special Lady said she was really happy about the beer. And why wouldn’t she? It’s a strong Belgian dubbel with 9 percent alcohol, not too far a cry from her pinnacle of beer, a Rochefort 10. The CBC does have a bit more spice behind it, but it has a nice finish that makes you thirsty for another sip.

We were at Lord Hobo in Cambridge, a dimly lit bar on Hampshire Street with red-toned walls and paintings that remind me of those odd, inexplicable dreams I had as a kid. I scan the walls: A naked woman on her knees taking communion, a round portrait of a fat man’s head surrounded by what looked to be a circle of gold Buddha figures.

Atmosphere: a true Friendly Toast vibe sans the yard sale items. I dig the dark wood used for the tables and chairs.

Behind us, inside the square-shaped bar were back-to-back rows of a couple dozen taps. The place is boasting its revolving tap list online with near-daily updates on Twitter.

I sipped on a Port Mongo, which was very dry and pleasing. You’ll only like a beer like this if you’re into something hoppy and strong, like a Dogfish 60 or 90 Minute. Or even a Harpoon Leviathan. My beer also got me thinking of my man Steve Greenlee at The Boston Globe. I don’t know the dude, but I like what he lays down in that “99 Bottles” column. This month, he writes about Mayflower Brewing Co’s seasonal red ale, which he recently discovered along with a personal favorite of mine, Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp.

Lord Hobo isn’t exactly in my neck of the woods, but it easily maintains a kind of alchemy that is both a solid gathering spot for locals and a destination for people around the city.

My buddy Tennessee was telling me their draft selection was something I had to witness firsthand. The drafts at Lord Hobo are priced so that even my old beer drinking partner in crime, Mr. X, can possibly afford a visit sometime soon ($6 for the Port Mongo). The dude is constantly broke and can’t afford to be a jamoke like me who got fleeced ($9.75) for a half glass of Dogfish 90 Minute in the Back Bay a few months ago.

Way back when, I used to let Mr. X sleep on my floor when things got too rough. These days I just try to find a place or two for him that has reasonably priced craft beer.

A last word on Hobo: much of the credit for our fine Sunday afternoon there goes to the attentive staff. Did Eric Cash somehow step out of “Lush Life” to hold court at L.H. to tell the people what great customer service is all about? I wonder. Now I am on the lookout for a place that can top what they have going on. Think you know the spot? Then drop us a line at