Tidbits: The Green Goddess at Canteen

I have just removed my pants and liberally sprayed them, once again, with stain remover. Today’s disgrace (yes, a repeat performance) involved dripping basil and cilantro (from pesto and herb vinaigrette respectively) from a sandwich from Canteen. I am crackers for a good sandwich and this newish, sorta-Central-Square Cambridge spot, has me hooked. The violating sandwich (and my current darling), the Green Goddess, is meant to be vegetarian (it’s filled with warm asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, and feta cheese), but I am naughty and get some roasted turkey in it, too. I should know better than to take it to go. I had more than enough time to eat it at home, but I can’t resist its siren-like beckon, staring at me from within its see-through plastic take away box. By the first traffic light, the box is open and there’s green matter all over my shirt, pants, and the console of my car. I’ve had similar experiences with the Crafty (turkey, avocado, bacon, chili-spiked mayo, and caramelized onions), the Cuban (slow roasted pork, melted cheese, pickles), and a few of their wraps. I have no will power. The one time I sat at Canteen, my friend Amy ordered one of their many crepes, the “Merguez.” And even I wouldn’t be irresponsible enough to eat this one in the car — it’s a North African love fest of crumbled lamb sausage drizzled with a warm feta cheese sauce. It’s ridiculous. I am told that while the sandwiches are outstanding, breakfast is even better. I may have to alter my morning routine.

Canteen, 983 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-547-5477, gocanteen.com.