Field Report: Copley Farmer's Market Opens Next Week

Antsy as we are for seasonal fruits and veggies, we realize that Boston’s farmer’s market season isn’t a gorge fest — at least not this early in the season. So we prefer to look at it as a long, multi-course feast. And May is only the amuse bouche. Until the heartier portions arrive later this summer we’re perfectly content to tease our palates for the next few weeks. So what can we expect for the first course? We checked in with Hannah Freedberg, Development and Outreach Director of Mass Farmer’s Markets, to sneak a peek at what we’ll find at the Copley Square market, which opens on Tuesday. She said to look out for vendors like Stillman’s Farm, The Herb Lyceum, Siena Farms, Nella Pasta, and Narragansett Creamery. As for what we’ll find on the tables next week, here was Freedberg’s response:

Generally in the first few weeks, we’re looking at local cheese, local meat, locally made baked goods, jams and jellies, vegetable seedlings and flower starts as well as potted plants and flower bouquets. In terms of veggies typically you see spring greens (salad, spinach, occasionally collards and kale), and somewhere in the first couple of weeks, asparagus and early (greenhouse-grown) strawberries and raspberries.

We also noticed that a knife sharpening service, One The Edge, will be on hand a few times this summer, as will Equal Exchange. And Freedberg mentioned that, pending final approval from the city, a few wineries are hoping to join the fray later this summer. Which suits us just fine — we’ll drink wine at any point in the meal.

Copley Square Farmer’s Market, open Tuesdays and Fridays, 11 am-6pm from May 17 to November 22. For a complete list of vendors and other area markets, go to