Tidbit: Bundled Up

Asparagus, morels, ramps, fiddleheads: signs of spring have been popping up on menus for weeks, which means it really must be happening… somewhere. But here? We were beginning to think it might elude New England altogether — until we found this little number at Sofra Bakery. The veggie turnover, a flaky bundle of asparagus and goat cheese, had us reminiscing about those super warm days (you know, two weeks ago?) and thinking there might be hope after all. Packed with savory flavors, from the super smooth filling laced with pine nuts and bits of bacon to the cream cheese dough which puffs in the oven for a texture of puff pastry, this is, bite for bite, one happy reminder that spring hasn’t totally forgotten about us. Pastry chef Maura Kilpatrick sprinkles the top with cancale, a spice mixture of fennel seeds, orange zest, and fleur de sel (so hauntingly good, you’ll be tempted to pick up a small pack of it — they sell it in house) giving each inch a subtle, salty crunch.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that it’ll chase away this miserable weather but try one on a rainy day and we bet it’ll brighten your spirits.

Available at Sofra Bakery, 1 Belmont St., Cambridge, 617-661-3161, sofrabakery.com